About Oberhasli GoatsAbout Oberhasli Goats

Oberhasli Goats are a medium-sized dairy goat. Oberhasli Goatsare Chamoisee- colored, ranging from light to a deep red bay with black facial stripes, muzzle and forehead. Oberhaslis can also be black in color.

Oberhasli are a modern American breed of dairy goat. They derive from a subtype of goat from the Oberhasli district of the Bernese Oberland in central Switzerland. All purebred members of the breed descend from five chamois-colored Goats imported to the United States in 1936. A breeder's association, the Oberhasli Breeders of America, was formed in 1977, and in 1980 the Oberhasli was accepted as a breed by the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA). Until then, goats of this type had been known as Swiss Alpine, and interbred with Alpine goats of other types.

The Oberhasli milk production record per lactation is 2,116 kg (4,665 lb).

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