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Vulturine Guinea Fowl is a species of guinea fowl that is native to Africa. They are known for their distinctive appearance, including a large, curved bill, long neck feathers, and a striking blue and red plumage.

In the wild, Vulturine Guinea Fowl are found in woodlands and savannas and feed on a variety of food sources, including seeds, insects, and small invertebrates. They are known to be social birds and form flocks, but they are also highly territorial and can be aggressive towards other birds.

In domestic settings, Vulturine Guinea Fowl are kept as ornamental birds due to their unique appearance and distinctive calls. They can be kept in flocks, but they may require a larger aviary or pen to accommodate their long neck feathers.

When it comes to diet, Vulturine Guinea Fowl can be fed a variety of food sources, including grains, fruits, and vegetables, as well as commercial poultry feed