About Altwurttemberg HorsesAbout Altwurttemberg Horses

Altwurttemberg horses were developed in Germany by the Wurttemberg Prince House, but without an obligatory breed goal. About thirty horses from Normandy were used between 1872 -1888, crossing with English Thoroughbreds, Holsteins, and Oldenburgs. 

Eventually the Altwurttemberg horse was established. They are a strong and beautiful horse breed but unfortunately, they were not greatly appreciated or needed, so instead the Wurttemberg Sport Horse was developed, and was highly prized for a time.

Altwurttemberg horses are wamb looded and are found in all basic colors. They are 155 to 165 cm high.   After 1950 the Altwurttemberg was threatened with extinction; however by 1988 in Marbach, Germany, initiatives were made to preserve the breed. They exist in limited numbers today.