About American Walking Pony HorsesAbout American Walking Pony Horses

American Walking Ponies were developed primarily as a show horse for gaited competition. Although they have three unique gaits, they are able to compete in seven.

They are essentially a cross between the Tennessee Walking Horse and the Welsh Pony. As a result of its Welsh pony heritage, they also make a good light hunter.

American Walking ponies are a relatively large pony-type (14 hands high). They have a a clean, smallish head on a well arched and muscled neck. Their back is short, their shoulders are slightly sloped, and their hips are well muscled.

The three gaits unique to the American Walking Pony are the Pleasure Walk, the Merry Walk, and the canter. Both the Pleasure Walk and the Merry Walk are four-beat gaits that are faster than a regular walk (the Merry Walk being the faster of the two), and are described as being light and free.  

The American Walking Pony Registry, established in 1968, regulates the breed by allowing only horses that have been registered with both the Walking Horse and Welsh Pony registries (or with some cross between the two) to be made available for stud.