About Appaloosa Sport HorsesAbout Appaloosa Sport Horses

Appaloosa Sport Horses were created in the USA with the intention of creating a European-style sport horse with appaloosa coloring. They are strong, willing, tenacious and tough team player  

This cross was achieved by crossing Appaloosa coloring with the athletic qualities of the Trekehners. The result is a beautifully-colored animal, larger and with finer lines than the original appaloosa.  

Their head is erect and attractive. They display characteristic white sclera and a speckled mouth. Their neck is long and well-arched. Their shoulder is oblique and withers high. Their back is long with rounded croup. They have muscular hindquarters with elegant and strong legs.

Appaloosa Sport Horses Associations

The Appaloosa Horse Club - www.appaloosa.com