About Arabo-Friesian HorsesAbout Arabo-Friesian Horses

Arabo-Friesian horses are known for their excellent disposition as well as endurance and toughness. They are willing to please and work, are obedient, and are known for their excellent movement characteristics.

Arabo-Friesians are a cross between Friesians and Arabians, and they are a relatively new breed. During the Spanish invasion of the Netherlands in the 16th and 17th centuries Arabian blood was first introduced to the Friesian which resulted in a very athletic horse. In the 1960’s breeders introduced additional Arabian in order to enhance strength and endurance. The result is a horse with the good looks and behavior of the Friesian with the robustness of the Arabian.  

Arabo-Friesian horses generally stand at 15 hands, are mostly black, have a noble-proud appearance, and have a very smooth, precise, elegant gate.