About Asiatic Wild HorsesAbout Asiatic Wild Horses

Asiatic Wild (also known as Przewaslki’s, Takhi, and Mongolian wild) horsesare a rare and endangered subspecies of wild horse native to the Steppes of central Asia. Most wild horses, such as Mustangs or Australian brumbies, are descended from domesticated animals; however, Asiatic Wild horses have never been domesticated and are the only known truly wild horse in the world.

Organizations from around the world have successfully bred and re-introduced these horses into their natural Mongolian habitat as well as the Chernobyl area. The total number by the early 1990’s was over 1,500.  

Asiatic Wild horses are a stockier build than the domesticated mongolian horses but with shorter legs and a heavy built neck. Their typical height is 12-14 hands and they weigh about 650 lbs.