About Abyssinian HorsesAbout Abyssinian Horses

Abyssinian horses originated in Ethiopia and Eritrea, formerly known as Abyssinia. They are found today along the coastline of the Red Sea and in the Sudan. Abyssinian horses were first exported to England in 1861. The Abyssinian is on average about 13.3 hands high and has a wide variation in color and conformation. The Abyssinian’s coat is short and rough and special attention must be given to this breed to keep their coat clean and free of dirt. Because of their unique hair growth pattern, the Abyssinian can be difficult to brush. Their coat is also unique in that it has a rosette pattern. Many breeders in England have worked to improve this unusual pattern. They also have green eyes due to uncommon genes. Despite its smaller size the Abyssinian has been bred for strength, which makes it very valuable for its ability to live and work in mountainous areas.