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Photo supplied by the Australian Stock Horse Society Ltd - NSW ©
Photo supplied by the Australian Stock Horse Society Ltd - NSW ©

The Ancestors of the Australian Stock Horse were imported in small numbers at the end of the 18th century from South Africa and are believed to be of Arabian and Barb descent. Eventually more horses where imported from England; mainly Thoroughbred and Arabian horses that were tough enough for the rough Australian conditions.

Thoroughbreds became very popular at the beginning of the 19th century for horse racing. The horses that developed had a good temperament, were tough and reliable, and able to work under saddle and in harness. They were used to clear timber, plough the land and herd sheep and cattle. These horses were known as Walers (named after New South Wales). Walers were sought after by the cavalry due to their courage, soundness, and stamina.

In 1971 the term Stock Horse was introduced. The modern day Stock Horse is a descendant of the Waler. It is believed that they were also influenced by Quarter Horses, Clydesdales, Suffolk Punch, and various pony breeds which were all imported into Australia.

Source: Horse Directory Australia