About Thoroughbred HorsesAbout Thoroughbred Horses

Thoroughbreds are most commonly associated with horse racing but they excel in many area. They originated in Britain starting in the late 17th century for speed and racing with the influence of Arabian bloodlines. Today, they continue to dominate the racing industry but Thoroughbreds also excel in eventing, show jumping, and dressage. They come in a variety of solid colors like bay, chestnut, and black and, on very rare occasions, palomino and pinto. On average, a Thoroughbred stands between 15 and 17 hands high (60” to 68”at the shoulder) and weighs from 1,000 to 1,200 pounds with a lean build.

There have literally been hundreds of famous thoughbreds including:
  • Seabisquit
  • Secretariat
  • Man o’War
  • War admiral
  • Eclipse
  • Seattle Slew
  • Nyquist

Thoroughbred Horses Associations

The United States Hunter Jumper Association The United States Hunter Jumper Association - www.ushja.org