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The Congo Peafowl, also known as the Green Peafowl, is a species of pheasant native to central Africa. Unlike other pheasant breeds, they are not typically raised for food.

Congo Peafowls are large, striking birds known for their beautiful iridescent green and blue feathers, which are used in various cultural and traditional rituals. The males have a distinctive "train" of feathers that can reach up to three feet in length, and they are known for their distinctive calls and displays during breeding season.

In the wild, Congo Peafowls inhabit dense forests and swamps, where they feed on a variety of foods such as fruits, insects, and small rodents. They are also known to be good swimmers and can use their wings to help them move through the water.

While not commonly kept for meat production, Congo Peafowls are popular as ornamental birds in zoos and aviaries, where they can be appreciated for their unique appearance and behavior. They are also kept as pets by some individuals, although it is important to note that owning a Congo Peafowl can be challenging due to their large size and need for a spacious environment.