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Photo Source: Wikipedia.org
Photo Source: Wikipedia.org

Revised: The Elliot's Pheasant, also known as the Bar-Backed Pheasant or Chinese Barred-Backed Pheasant, is native to the mountain forests and dense evergreens of southern China. These pheasants are capable of living in altitudes up to 6,200 feet in their natural habitats.

Elliot's Pheasant is a striking bird, measuring up to 31 inches in length. Males have reddish-brown chestnut wings with wide blue-steel bars, a chestnut brown crown, grey legs, a yellow bill, and brown to orange iris. On the other hand, females have a rufous brown crown with blackish tips, grey legs, brown iris, and a brown bill.

The Elliot's Pheasant primarily feeds on ants, berries, leaves, and seeds.