Blue-Eared Pheasants

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The Blue-Eared Pheasant is a magnificent species of pheasant commonly found in the mountainous forests of western and central China. They are well adapted to the high altitude conditions of these regions and are able to thrive in the harsh mountainous environment.

This pheasant species boasts a stunning appearance, with a distinctive scarlet-red facial skin, dark blue-grey plumage, and white extended ear covers. The male Blue-Eared Pheasant is larger than the female and is also distinguished by its round, large spurs. In contrast, the female has small, oblong-shaped spurs.

One of the unique characteristics of the Blue-Eared Pheasant is their digging habits. They are known to use their bills to till the ground in search of insects, roots, and grubs, rather than their feet. In addition to these food sources, the Blue-Eared Pheasant also feeds on various types of vegetation and berries.

Overall, the Blue-Eared Pheasant is a remarkable bird species, with its distinctive appearance and interesting feeding habits.