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The Siamese Fireback, also known as Diard’s Fireback, is a beautiful pheasant species native to Southeast Asia. This bird can be found in the forests of Laos, Cambodia, northern Vietnam, and eastern Thailand. Siamese Firebacks are fond of bamboo forests, dense evergreen areas, and semi-evergreen regions.

Siamese Firebacks are of medium size, measuring up to 31 inches in length. The male birds are easily recognizable by their long crest of purple-black feathers, which can reach up to 3.5 inches in length. These feathers stand erect when the bird is excited and the male is usually accompanied by 2 to 3 females.

Male Siamese Firebacks have bright red facial wattles, while the face, throat, and head are black. They also have yellow legs and feet, along with a yellow bill. The female Siamese Firebacks, while not as colorful as the males, have their own unique charm with their markings. They lack a crest and have duller, smaller wattles. Female Siamese Firebacks have red feet and legs and dark grey bills.