Brown-Eared Pheasants

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The mountainous forests of China are home to the Brown-Eared Pheasant. These large pheasants typically grow to 39 inches in length.

The glossy-brown plumage of the Brown-Eared Pheasant is beautiful and ornamental, with a hair-like texture. Their creamy white ear tufts, black crowns, and crimson red legs and facial skin make them stand out.

The Brown-Eared Pheasant boasts a unique feature in its white cheek tufts that resemble an upturned mustache starting from the base of their bills. Their broad tail feathers, with black edges, form a beautiful arch when held high, while their light cream-colored rump adds to their charm.

Male and female Brown-Eared Pheasants look almost identical, but size distinguishes them. Females are typically smaller than males. However, you can determine their sex by examining their spurs. The round spurs of male Brown-Eared Pheasants are different from the oval spurs of the females.