About Yanan PigsAbout Yanan Pigs

Source: www.researchgate.net
Source: www.researchgate.net
Yanan Pigs hail from the picturesque western Sichuan Basin hilly region in China, where they thrive amidst elevations ranging from 800 meters to 400 meters. This idyllic setting is characterized by a mild climate and abundant rainfall, providing the perfect environment for these remarkable animals to flourish.

Distinguished by their striking black coats and large, elongated bodies, Yanan Pigs possess a distinctively robust and stately appearance. Their hindquarters exhibit a slight tilt, adding to their noble stature, while their bellies boast ample size without drooping, reflecting their overall well-developed physique.

Inhabiting such lush and verdant landscapes, Yanan Pigs embody the harmonious relationship between their natural habitat and their unique physical attributes, making them an integral part of the rich biodiversity of the western Sichuan Basin region in China.