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Alaska rabbit have short, lustrous dense fur. They are always black. Their body is thickset and well rounded, weighing 7-9 lb. They can be kept indoors or outside, but they are known to be destructive chewers. A diet with plenty of leafy greens help their coats stay healthy and vibrant.

Alaska rabbits were initially bred from Champagne d’Argent, Dutch, Havana, and Himalayan rabbits as a substitute for the pelts of the Alaska fox in the early 1900’s. The silver/black fur of the fox was never achieved, but the thick, short, shiny coat of this new breed of rabbit caught on and they were a popular choice to raise for their fur and as pets. In the 1980’s Black Havana rabbits were hugely popular and Alaska rabbits were dropped from the American Rabbit Breeders Association(ARBA) registry. Alaska rabbit are recognized by the British Rabbit Council (BRC).

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