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Source: livestockconservancy.org
Source: livestockconservancy.org

Argente Brun Rabbits are one of the oldest French rabbit breeds. They were developed in the mid to late-19th century. They are known for their attractive coats. They have a soft, short brown coat that doesn’t need much maintenance.

They are a relatively large-sized breed of rabbit, weighing anywhere between 8- 10.5 lbs once fully grown. They have a semi-arch/mandolin body shape with well-developed hind quarters, straight front legs, a broad head, and medium-sized ears that stand vertically on their heads.

During the 1920s and 1930s, Argente Brun rabbits were exported to Canada from France, Germany, and England. Ed White from Canada was one of those recipients of the Argente rabbit, and sold some to Charmaine Wardrop of Washington, who was trying to find a breed to work with. In the coming years, Wardrop and husband worked with the breed to develop Argente Bruns.

They have a soft, short brown coat that doesn’t need much maintenance in order to keep it healthy. If you find your rabbit shedding more during molting season, groom your rabbit outdoors with a slicker brush 1-2 times per week; otherwise, once every two weeks should be sufficient. Remember to spot-clean your rabbit if you find them dirty in a particular area, as rabbits should never be given baths.

The British Rabbit Council recognizes five distinct kinds of Argente rabbits: Bleu (Blue), Brun (Brown), Creme, Champagne and Noir (Black); however the ARBA only accepts one kind of Argente, which is the Argente Brun. It has a deep brown undertone with the body color a brownish white, evenly mixed with longer brown hairs to give it a distinct brownish effect when viewed from a distance. The Argente Brun has bold, brown eyes, and colored toenails.

Argente Bruns make excellent pets.

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