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Photo Source: Wikipedia.org
Photo Source: Wikipedia.org

The Argente St. Huberts, with their enchanting appearance and rich history, are a captivating breed of rabbits renowned for their heavily silvered black agouti-based fur. Each of these majestic creatures boasts a stunning coat that, when parted, reveals a mesmerizing blend of colors - from the sleek silver near their skin to the vibrant orange or rufous ring and the striking black tips adorning the hair shafts that retain their pigment.

Their lineage, steeped in heritage, traces back to the wild European rabbits and includes the noble bloodlines of Champagnes, Belgian hares, and common French farm rabbits. Established in France during the 1880s, these rabbits have endured the test of time, embodying the resilience and elegance of their ancestry.

Despite facing near-extinction in France at one point, the Argente St. Huberts were rescued from the brink through careful breeding efforts that reintroduced genes from Champagnes and Belgian Hares, ensuring the continuation of their lineage and preserving their unique characteristics.

Weighing approximately 2.72 kilograms (6 pounds), these magnificent rabbits carry themselves with grace and poise, captivating all who have the pleasure of beholding their timeless beauty and rich heritage.

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