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Carmagnola Gray rabbits are medium sized with soft thick gray fur from Carmagnola. Carmagnola is a commune (municipality) in the Metropolitan City of Turin in the Italian region of Piedmont, located south of Turin. Carmagnola Gray rabbits are prominently raised for meat.

Carmagnola Grey rabbits were the only widespread Piedmontese native rabbit of France until the 1950s. Then due to the difficulty in breeding them in cages they gradually disappeared. Recently, thanks to a genetic recovery from the University of Turin, grey rabbits have returned to the territory of Carmagnola and have repopulated the countryside.

The ideal environment to raise these delicate rabbits is a fenced area with lawn and a small shelter in case of bad weather. Their ideal diet is based on grass and natural feed. 

They are noted for excellent yield, good bone structure, and fine-muscle mass. All of which make them superior meat rabbits to other breeds. Their meat is tender, savory and not stringy. This is the variety of rabbit called for in the traditional French recipe for ‘Hare al Civet’.

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