About Pannon White RabbitsAbout Pannon White Rabbits

Pannon White rabbits command attention with their exceptional productivity, setting the standard in meat production within the rabbit breeding community.

Crafted through a deliberate breeding program, Pannon White rabbits embody a meticulous blend of White Giant, California, and New Zealand rabbit breeds. This strategic fusion has yielded a breed renowned for its robust physique and outstanding meat yield.

Characterized by an elongated body and a compact, neatly folded head, Pannon White rabbits exhibit a distinctive appearance. Their red eyes and medium-sized ears add to their unique charm, contributing to their overall allure.

Beneath their thin, tight-fitting skin, Pannon White rabbits boast pronounced muscles, a testament to their genetic predisposition for meat production. While their chest may not be particularly broad, their dense, white, and luxuriously fluffy coat adds to their visual appeal.

With a focus on functionality and efficiency, Pannon White rabbits epitomize the marriage of form and function. Their high productivity, combined with their striking appearance, solidifies their status as a breed of choice for meat production enthusiasts seeking both performance and visual appeal in their rabbitry.

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