About Alai SheepAbout Alai Sheep

Alai sheep, originating from Kyrgyzstan, are a versatile dual-purpose breed prized for their meat and wool. These hardy animals are well-suited to thrive in the challenging conditions of the Alay Valley region, which lies at elevations exceeding 3 km (1.9 mi) above sea level.

These sheep typically display a white coat with occasional spots adorning their legs and heads. Their semi-coarse wool is highly valued, often finding use in the production of carpets. While rams may exhibit either horned or polled characteristics, all ewes are naturally polled.

Alai sheep are classified as a fat-rump breed, boasting adaptations that enable them to flourish in the rugged terrain and harsh climate of their native environment. Their resilience and suitability to high-altitude living make them an integral part of traditional husbandry practices in the region.