Basco-Bearnais Sheep

About Basco-Bearnais SheepAbout Basco-Bearnais Sheep

Basco-bearnaise sheep originated from the Basque country, and also known as Vasca Carranzana, France. They were developed during the 1960s from Basque and Béarnaise sheep.

They mainly are raised as a milk breed, and an ewe on average produces around 120 liters of milk per lactation. And their lactation period is around of 130 days. Their milk is of good quality containing around 5.39 percent protein.

Basco-bearnaise sheep are medium to large sized. They are mainly white and have long, white and hanging wool. Their head and hooves are reddish-yellow colored. The rams have spiral horn around the ear. And the ewes can be either horned or polled.

The average body height of the mature Basco-bearnaise rams is around 35 inches at the withers, and around 30 inches for the ewes. Average live body weight of the mature rams is around 80 kg. And average live body weight of the mature ewes is around 55 kg.