About Bibrik SheepAbout Bibrik Sheep

Bibrik are medium-sized sheep that originated from Pakistan. They are a fat-tailed breed and are raised mainly for meat production. They are found mainly in the parts of Sibi and Loralai districts in Baluchistan Province of Pakistan.

They are mainly white with a black or brown head. Both rams and ewes are generally horned, and the rams have pretty large and curved horns. The rams generally weight around 2.8 kg at births, and the ewes around 2.4 kg.

Average body height of the mature ewes is around 19 inches at the withers, and around 25 inches for the rams. The average live body weight of the mature Bibrik rams is around 37 kg. And the average live body weight of the mature ewes is around 31 kg.

They are well adapted to their local climates. Their wool is course with a yield of 1.7 kg with an average fiber diameter of 41.5 micrometers. Bibrik ewes generally give birth to one lamb and produce enough milk for their lambs. The ewes generally produce around 40 kg of milk per lactation, and they usually lactate for about 100 days. Their milk is of pretty good quality containing around 6.5 percent of fat.