Bleu du Maine Sheep

About Bleu du Maine SheepAbout Bleu du Maine Sheep

Bleu du Maine are a large grassland sheep with slate blue/grey coloring heads. They originated in Western France in the region of Mayenne. They were developed from crossing Leicester Longwool and Wensleydale sheep. The breed has no wool on its head or legs.

They are similar to Texel sheep but they have a higher litter size and age of sexual maturity. Their average daily gain, carcass leanness, milk yield, and lambing interval are similar to the Texel, but the Blue du Maine are lighter muscled.

They have a very alert eye, large nostrils and ears, and no horns. Blue du Maine sheep are large; the average mature ewe weighs 80-120 kg, rams 110-180kg. Both sexes are polled.