Charollais Sheep

About Charollais SheepAbout Charollais Sheep

Charollais Sheep are a medium to large sized sheep. They are long and well-muscled with thick, deep gigots. The body is long with a well-muscled broad loin and wide deep chest. The head is free from wool, pinkish/grey in color sometimes with spots. The line of the shoulders should retain a wedge shape which is so important for ease of lambing. The legs are clean, quite short, colored but never very dark. The front legs should not be set too wide apart and animal must be well balanced. The gigots are well developed, thick and deep. The breed is primarily a terminal sire and the fleshing quality is of the highest importance. Excessive bone is undesirable in the breed; the fineness of bone contributes to the high killing out percentage achieved by the breed. The fleece is white, fine and dense, the staple length quite short. Average mature ewe weighs 80-100kg, rams 100-150kg.

Content and Photo Source: National Sheep Association