About Cheviot SheepAbout Cheviot Sheep

Photo Source: National Sheep Association
Photo Source: National Sheep Association
Cheviot Sheep, characterized by their distinctive white faces, are a breed of Hill sheep originating from the Scottish Borders. Known for their hardiness and adaptability to rugged terrains, Cheviots have several distinctive physical features.

In particular, the ewes of this breed exhibit fine, hard white hair on their faces over the crown, giving them their characteristic appearance. Additionally, their legs are adorned with a similar fine, flat quality bone, contributing to their overall robustness. The fleece of Cheviot Sheep is dense and firm, with a desirable trait of lacking kemp or colored hair, ensuring its quality for various applications.

While the ewes typically exhibit these traits, the rams of the Cheviot breed may have horns, adding to their rugged appearance and reflecting their natural heritage as Hill sheep. This combination of physical characteristics makes Cheviot Sheep well-suited for grazing in challenging environments, such as the hills and moorlands of the Scottish Borders, and contributes to their enduring popularity among farmers and breeders.