About Cine Capari SheepAbout Cine Capari Sheep

The Cine Capari sheep, originating from the Aydin Province in Turkey, are a notable fat-tail breed known for their distinctive characteristics. While they are predominantly white in color, it is not uncommon to find individuals with light brown to dark black spots on their feet and belly, adding to their unique appearance.

At maturity, ewes of the Cine Capari breed typically weigh around 38 kg (84 lb), reflecting their moderate size. However, despite their historical significance, the population of Cine Capari sheep has been dwindling in recent years. In 1998, there were approximately 300 individuals recorded, and since then, the population has been on the decline.

The decrease in population can be attributed to various factors, with one significant factor being the practice of local farmers crossing Cine Capari sheep with the Chios breed. This crossbreeding is often done with the aim of producing offspring with enhanced prolificacy, thereby potentially compromising the genetic integrity and purity of the Cine Capari lineage. As a result, efforts to preserve and protect the Cine Capari breed have become increasingly important in recent times.