Dala Fur Sheep

About Dala Fur SheepAbout Dala Fur Sheep

Dala Fur, known as Dala palsfar, sheep originated in Sweden and are one of several sheep breeds that are remnants of the old Swedish landrace breed. They are a Northern European short-tailed sheep breed.

Dala Fur sheep are short but very hardy. They are used for both meat and wool production. The wool is very curly and finer than most other Swedish sheep breeds. The lambs were traditionally slaughtered at 2 months and 10 days of age to be used for the costumes. The white fleece was preferred because of this use, and still today most of the Dala Fur sheep are white. Along with wool production, the breed is also very good for quality meat production.

Today, it is pretty rare. There were only 160 heads in 2000, 95 in 2002 and around 2006 animals were available in 2006.