About Dalesbred SheepAbout Dalesbred Sheep

Dalesbred sheep are found in the Upper Wharfdale and Central Pennines in England. They were developed from the Swaledale and Scottish Blackface breeds.  

Dalesbred are a hill sheep with a black face and distinctive white marks on each side of their nostrils with their nose-end becoming grey. Their legs also have clear black and white markings. The average mature ewe weighs up to 45-60kg, rams 55-75kg (depending on environment). Dalesbred wool is typically of carpet quality. Their fleece is curly on the outside with a dense undercoat.  

Dalesbred sheep are very adaptable to climatic changes and can survive in the harsh environmental conditions. Dalesbred ewes are often crossed with Teeswater rams to produce the Masham which is one of the most famous of British crossbreeds.