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Easy Care Sheep are a revolutionary breed of sheep which requires minimal shepherding and veterinary care, sheds its wool in the summer, does not need shearing and yet offers excellent meat yields and lambing ratios. The breed is now well established in Britain and abroad and is proving extremely popular and successful with breeders in todays farming environment.

The guiding principle behind Easy Care is straightforward. Centuries ago, sheep didn't naturally have huge fleeces, merely a winter coat which was shed in springtime, as with most wild animals. However, man began to breed sheep for wool because of its value. In recent times, the value of wool has fallen so dramatically that its production is uneconomic. Meat production without the overhead and extra shepherding required in wool production would be much more profitable.

By using highly selective breeding to combine the rapid growth rate, lambing quality, and other strengths of his naturally wool-less pedigree Wiltshire Horn flock with the smaller, hardy Welsh Mountain and combining some of the strengths of other breeds, Iolo Owen has achieved his aim: a breed of sheep with all the qualities sought after by the modern farmer with fewer of the drawbacks.  

As well as being woolless, Easy Care are extremely hardy, thrive on grass and inexpensive feeds, have a superb lambing ratio (180% is the average), and produce excellent meat.