About Exmoor Horn SheepAbout Exmoor Horn Sheep

Photo Source: National Sheep Association
Photo Source: National Sheep Association
Exmoor Horn Sheep, an ancient and revered hill breed originating from the rugged landscapes of the west of England, have stood the test of time, proving their adaptability to both traditional and modern farming practices.

These sheep are characterized by their distinctive white faces adorned with horns, which are a hallmark feature of the breed. Their cherry-colored skin adds to their unique appearance, contributing to their resilience in the challenging environments of their native region.

Exmoor Horn Sheep boast a white fleece of medium length, known for its quality and versatility. This fleece serves as both protection against the elements and a valuable resource for various wool-based products.

Renowned for their dual-purpose nature, Exmoor Horn Sheep are equally valued for their meat and wool production. Their ability to thrive in the demanding conditions of hill farming makes them indispensable to farmers seeking resilient and adaptable breeds.

In summary, Exmoor Horn Sheep epitomize the rich heritage and practical utility of traditional hill breeds, offering a blend of historical significance and modern functionality that continues to benefit farmers in the west of England and beyond.