Gaddi Sheep

About Gaddi SheepAbout Gaddi Sheep

Gaddi are medium-sized sheep native to India. They are one of the 8 different sheep breeds found in the northern temperate area of India. They are raised mainly for wool production. They are mainly found in Kistwar and Bhadarwah tehsils in Jammu province of Jammu and Kashmir, Ramnagar, Udampur and Kullu and the Kangra valleys of Himachal Pradesh and Dehradun. Nainital, Tehri-Garhwal and Chamoli districts of Uttar Pradesh.

They are generally uncolored and white, although they can be found in mixed tan, black and brown. The rams are horned, and their horns are usually large. But the ewes are usually polled, and are found only 10-15 percent horned. Their tail is small and thin, and their ears are short.