About Hampshire SheepAbout Hampshire Sheep

Photo Source: National Sheep Association.
Photo Source: National Sheep Association.
The Hampshire Sheep is characterized by its distinctive appearance, with a face and ears that exhibit a rich, dark brown coloration, often nearing black. These features are complemented by a woolly covering over the poll and forehead. The wool of Hampshire Sheep is predominantly white, boasting an average staple length.

In terms of body conformation, Hampshire Sheep are notable for their deep and symmetrical build. They feature well-sprung ribs, a broad and straight back, flat loins, a wide rump, and deeply muscled hind legs and breast. Their legs are strongly jointed and powerful, set apart to provide stability and strength.

On average, mature Hampshire ewes weigh around 80 kilograms, while rams typically reach weights of 120 kilograms. These robust sheep are prized not only for their striking appearance but also for their desirable meat qualities and overall hardiness, making them a favored choice among sheep farmers and enthusiasts.