Hebridean Sheep

About Hebridean SheepAbout Hebridean Sheep

Hebridean Sheep are a small, hardy breed with fine bones and a tail reaching no lower than the hocks. Both sexes are horned, and about 10% of animals have four or more horns. Occasionally polled ewes are to be seen but these are genetically four horned and usually produce horned lambs. The animals are entirely black, though the fleece usually goes grey with age. Lambs may have a dark brown appearance because the tips of the fleece have been bleached by the sun. The wool has a stiff, springy quality. It sheds water easily. The face and legs are free of wool. Ewes lamb very easily. The Hebridean is a very active and long-lived sheep, ewes often still lambing well at ten years or more. It thrives on all types of grazing and responds well to all management systems. Average mature ewe weighs 38-40kg, rams 50-55kg.

Content and Photo Source: National Sheep Association.