About Ile-de-France SheepAbout Ile-de-France Sheep

Photo Source: National Sheep Association
Photo Source: National Sheep Association
The Ile-de-France Sheep is characterized by its robust and imposing appearance, featuring a strong head with a broad forehead and thick lips and nose. These sheep are typically polled, with protruding eye sockets and a face of medium length. The profile is straight, with a slightly concave appearance in rams, and large ears that may be horizontal or slightly angled upwards, covered in thin short hair.

In terms of body structure, Ile-de-France Sheep are wide and large, boasting a broad and deep chest. Their fleece is close and white, with a distinct pattern of white covering that extends from the top of the head down to or slightly above the orbital arches. This white covering frames the face, extends to just above the knees of the forelegs, and covers the chest and belly, further extending over the buttocks to the hock of the hind legs.

These sheep are known for their substantial size, with average mature ewes weighing between 70 to 90 kilograms and rams weighing between 110 to 150 kilograms. With their sturdy build and distinctive appearance, Ile-de-France Sheep are valued for their meat production and adaptability to various farming conditions.