Jezersko Solcava Sheep

About Jezersko Solcava SheepAbout Jezersko Solcava Sheep

Jezersko-Solcava, or Jezerskosolflorinavska, sheep were developed by the crossbreeding of native white sheep with Bergamasca and Padova sheep. They resemble the Austrian Bergschaf that has a similar origin. They got their name from the breeding centers of Jezersko and Solflorinava. Their head has a convex profile and hanging ears. Their legs are long and strong. Jezersko-Solcava sheep are very convenient for lamb production in the Alpine and Pre-Alpine region.  

Since 1980, Jezersko-Solcava sheep haves been crossed with Romanovska sheep, and the number of pure breed animals has been decreased quickly. Therefore, a special program on preservation the pure breed has been started in 1991. An ewe has 1.42 lambs per lambing. Ewes are non-seasonal breeders and pregnancy usually occurs during the lactation period.