About Kooka SheepAbout Kooka Sheep

The Kooka sheep breed, originating from Pakistan, is primarily raised for both meat and wool production, making it a valuable dual-purpose breed for farmers.

These sheep are known for their distinctive characteristics, including a heavy head with a wide forehead, long hanging ears, small horns, and a medium-sized mouth. These features contribute to their unique appearance and overall robust build, which is well-suited for their dual-purpose role.

In terms of wool production, Kooka sheep are capable of producing approximately 3 kg of white wool per year. This wool is valued for its quality and can be utilized in various textile applications, adding to the economic significance of the breed.

Additionally, Kooka sheep are valued for their milk production, with females capable of producing about 1 kg of milk daily. This adds to the versatility of the breed, as it provides an additional source of income for farmers through dairy production.

Overall, the Kooka sheep breed is prized for its dual-purpose capabilities, combining meat and wool production with milk productivity. Its robust build, coupled with its wool and milk-producing abilities, makes it a valuable asset for farmers in Pakistan and beyond.