About Llanwenog SheepAbout Llanwenog Sheep

Photo Source: National Sheep Association
Photo Source: National Sheep Association
Llanwenog sheep are a distinctive breed known for their characteristic black faces and polled nature, devoid of horns. They typically exhibit a tuft of clean wool on the forehead, adding to their unique appearance. These sheep are recognized for their compact build, featuring well-sprung ribs, a robust loin, and strong thighs.

The fleece of Llanwenog sheep is predominantly white, contributing to their overall appearance. Their wool is of good quality and is highly valued for its various applications. The ears of Llanwenog sheep are typically short and thin, with a slight elevation, contributing to their alert and attentive demeanor.

In terms of size, mature ewes of the Llanwenog breed typically weigh around 56 kilograms, while rams are slightly heavier, averaging around 90 kilograms. This breed's combination of distinctive physical features, compact build, and desirable wool characteristics make them a valuable asset in agricultural settings where they are raised for meat and wool production.