Lleyn Sheep

About Lleyn SheepAbout Lleyn Sheep

Lleyn Sheep are a medium sized lowland sheep weighing up to 70kg at maturity, renowned for their hardiness, prolificacy, easy lambing, strong mothering instinct, milkiness and easy handling. The wool is white free from any colored fibers or kemp and is of good length, dense and of high quality. Heads must be feminine and warm white in color with wide foreheads. Bright lively eyes and a black nose. Medium sized ears with black spots are desirable with the base of the ear starting from the wool. The back should be long with well sprung ribs and broad loins. Legs, which are warm white in color, should be well set with no wool lower that the hock. Rams must be naturally polled.  

Content and Photo Source: National Sheep Association.