About Najdi SheepAbout Najdi Sheep

Najdi sheep are native to the Najd region of the Arabian Peninsula, from where it got their name. They are raised primarily in Saudi Arabia, but they are also present in Oman, Kuwait and Jordan. They are highly priced in their native area. And some top Najdi ewes can sell for around US$5,300-8,000. And the rams which can sire many more offspring can fetch hundreds of thousands. Najdi sheep are very important animals in their native area, and also in the areas where they are found.

Najdi sheep are very beautiful. They have a distinctive appearance that has even been celebrated in Saudi sheep beauty pageants not unlike livestock shows and sales in the West. They have a long face and are Roman nosed. They are very tall and have drooping ears. The rams may be either polled or have scurs, while the ewes are polled. Common color of these animals is usually black with white faces and white on the legs and tail.