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Scottish Blackface, also known as just Blackface, Sheep are the most numerous of British breeds. They are found over a wide spectrum of hill and marginal ground throughout Great Britain and Ireland. All Blackfaces are horned, with black or black and white face and legs. The fleece should be free of black fiber, and can vary from short, fine wool used for carpets and tweeds to strong coarse, which is mainly sold for the Italian mattress trade. Influenced by climate, environment and grazing quality several distinct types have evolved within the breed and are generally identified by the centers at which they are sold. The Perth type, a large framed sheep with a medium to heavy coat, is found mainly in North East Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Lanark type is dominant in Central and Southern Scotland and the Borders. It is of medium length, with a shorter, denser coat than that of the Perth type. The Newton Stewart or Galloway type is a compact, burly sheep with a short, thick rain resistant coat, and is found, in its native South West Scotland, and many of the hard wet areas of the West of Scotland, the Hebrides, and Ireland. In the North of England the large framed, soft-coated Northumberland Blackface is influential in the breeding of the North of England Mule. Average adult bodyweight: Upland 70kg; Ave./good hill 50-65kg; poor hill 45-50kg.

Content and Photo Source: National Sheep Association.

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