Taleshi Sheep

About Taleshi SheepAbout Taleshi Sheep

Taleshi sheep are from Iran, numbering some 400,000 animals in the north of the country, and distributed in the northern and western parts of Gilan Province in the mountains between Assalem, Khalkhal, Oshkourat, and Deilaman. They can can also be found in some areas of the Guilan-Zanjan border.

Their mean adult live weight ed is 35 kg (77 lbs) for rams and 31 kg (67 lbs) for ewes. Their coat is yellowish-white to pure white, but brown patches are found on their head, face and at the bottom of the legs. They are valued mainly due to their small size, meat, and ability to live in mountainous areas with rain-fed foothills and foothill steppes with 1300 mm (51 inches) rain.  

Hamed Kioumarsi and others have examined a new method in order to estimate the relation between component of carcass quality and quantity in Taleshi lambs, and with regard to the results, it can be concluded that this breed has a high potential for using the ratios by higher levels of energy and protein for obtaining the best growth performance.