About Teeswater SheepAbout Teeswater Sheep

Photo source: The National Sheep Association
Photo source: The National Sheep Association
Teeswater sheep, originating from Teesdale in the County of Durham, Northern England, are renowned for their large size, hornless stature, and exquisite longwool fleece. Bred by farmers in the region for nearly two centuries, the Teeswater breed has gradually gained popularity and is now widely distributed throughout the United Kingdom.

The hallmark of Teeswater sheep is their fine, long-stapled, lustrous wool, which is highly prized in textile manufacturing. Each lock of wool hangs freely, displaying its natural sheen, with no tendency to mat or tangle. A distinctive feature of their fleece is its uniform texture across the entire body, devoid of any dark fibers. Additionally, Teeswater sheep produce a kemp-free fleece, a quality that is consistently passed on through generations.

Due to their impressive fleece quality and other desirable traits, Teeswater sheep have become valued members of the British sheep farming community, contributing to both the wool industry and the preservation of traditional agricultural practices in the region.