Tukidale Sheep

About Tukidale SheepAbout Tukidale Sheep

Technically, the Tukidale is a not a new breed of sheep, but rather a Romney sheep carrying the T gene for hair. They originated on M.W. Coops property in New Zealand from a ram born November 26, 1966. The ram possessed the T gene, which is dominant. The T gene is responsible not only for producing the specialty carpet-type fleece, but also the formation of horns in the in the male and, to a lesser extent in females.  

Tukidale sheep are easy care sheep of good conformation and high fertility, with carcass acceptability. High fleece weight with a diameter in the range of 35-45 microns, with a high percentage of medulated fibers. They have an extremely fast rate of wool growth, resulting in two wool clips per year at a premium price.