About Uda SheepAbout Uda Sheep

Uda sheep are from Africa. They are common in Chand, Northern Cameroon, Northern Nigeria, and Niger. There are many varieties of Uda sheep; but usually their back half is white and their front half is brown or black. They are also known as Pied, Ouda, North Nigerian Fulani, Louda, Houda, Foulbe, Fellata, Bororo, Bali-Bali, and Oudah bicolore sheep.

They are Sahel-type hair sheep and they are raised mainly for meat production.

They are small to medium sized animal. The ewes are polled and the rams have spiral horn that project horizontally from the head.

Their ears are long and dropped, and they can either be white or the same color as their head. Both rams and ewes are about of same size, and they stand around 60 to 65 cm tall at the withers.