About Whiteface Woodland SheepAbout Whiteface Woodland Sheep

The Whiteface Woodland Sheep, a majestic hill breed of substantial stature, presents a commanding presence with its broad, strikingly white face adorned by a delicate pink nose. Their robust frame is accentuated by legs of pure white, unburdened by wool, while their fleece boasts an exquisite quality, reflecting the purity of their upland habitat.

Both males and females of this esteemed breed proudly display their impressive horns, with the rams bearing heavy spirals that speak to their strength and resilience. Their robust bone structure and elongated body contribute to their enduring vigor, while their tails exhibit a distinctive muscularity, a testament to their innate athleticism.

With an average mature ewe tipping the scales at 63 kilograms and rams boasting an impressive 130 kilograms, the Whiteface Woodland Sheep stands as a symbol of resilience and grace amidst the rugged hillsides they call home.

Photo Source: National Sheep Association.

Photo:Charlotte Barnes (Keyshill Flock)

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National Sheep Association National Sheep Association - www.nationalsheep.org.uk/