About Wiltshire Polled SheepAbout Wiltshire Polled Sheep

Wiltshire Polled, also known as Wiltipoll, Sheep are polled sheep that were developed in Australia. Development was started with Wiltshire Horned ewes and expanded with Border Leicester, Perendale, Poll Dorset, and Poll Merino genetics.

Wiltshire Polled Sheep are large (they weigh up to 125 kg -276 lb), are very hardy, and can survive on rough, scrubby feed. They are primarily raised for meat.

Wiltshire Polled Sheep shed their wool annually. Due to this process, the energy of the sheep is directed into meat and milk, not wool. They are therefore very low maintenance as there is no need for shearing, crutching, jetting, dipping and docking of tails. They are grass seed resistant and fly and lice resistant, reducing the need for chemicals or the painful practice of mulesing. All this means less expense and work.

Wiltshire Polled Sheep have a high lambing percentage of 130-180% and tremendous maternal instincts. They are renowned for multiple births, twins, and triplets. That means fewer ewes to manage and feed with more prime lamb to sell. They produce prime lambs without laying down fat therefore producing a very lean, excellent quality meat.