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Photo Source: National Sheep association.
Photo Source: National Sheep association.
Wiltshire Sheep are a unique and ancient breed known for their distinctive characteristics. These sheep are renowned for their lack of wool, making them stand out among other breeds. Originating from lowland regions, Wiltshire Sheep are typically large in size with white faces, giving them a striking appearance.

Both male and female Wiltshire Sheep are horned, adding to their distinctive features. Unlike traditional wool-producing sheep, Wiltshire Sheep do not have a woolly fleece, which sets them apart and makes them easier to manage in certain climates.

On average, mature ewes of this breed weigh around 72 kilograms, while rams can reach weights of approximately 126 kilograms. This breed's unique traits and adaptability make them a fascinating and practical choice for farmers and enthusiasts alike.

Wiltshire Sheep Associations

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