About Clarence Reserve SheepAbout Clarence Reserve Sheep

Photo Source: New Zealand Rare Breeds (www.rarebreeds.co.nz).
Photo Source: New Zealand Rare Breeds (www.rarebreeds.co.nz).
Clarence Reserve Sheep, shrouded in the mystique of their Marlborough origins, emerge from the shadows as a breed steeped in the rugged heritage of New Zealand's pastoral landscapes. Born from the remnants of a feral flock nestled within the Clarence Reserve, these enigmatic sheep trace their lineage to a bygone era of European settlement, where intrepid Merino ancestors roamed the untamed wilderness.

Bearing the hallmarks of their resilient ancestry, Clarence Reserve Sheep boast clean faces and bellies, standing as paragons of purity amidst the pastoral backdrop. Their resolute resistance to the scourge of flystrike is evidenced by their largely dag-free demeanor, a testament to their evolution amidst the unforgiving wilderness. Sporting wideset horns atop their noble heads, the rams command respect with their imposing presence, embodying the untamed spirit of their feral forebears.

In a striking departure from the norm, these elusive sheep are predominantly clad in pristine white wool, a rare sight among the tapestry of long-established feral flocks. Their preference for solitude, often observed in their "secretive" behavior, sets them apart as solitary wanderers amidst the bustling throng of commercial breeds. While their fleece may not be abundant, its fine texture speaks volumes of the breed's enduring legacy of quality and resilience.

As custodians of a heritage woven from the threads of wilderness and resilience, Clarence Reserve Sheep stand as silent sentinels of Marlborough's untamed landscapes, embodying the enduring spirit of New Zealand's pastoral legacy.